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Was founded by Jaime Julio Kalansky and its objective is to address the various needs of its clients, both Brazilian and foreign, regarding business and accounting services in Brazil. We have a team comprised of consultants and accountants ready to assist you in your investments and market relations in Brazil.

Quality, ethics, creativity and teamwork are some of the features that distinguish our Firm. Our philosophy is to satisfy our clients´ needs by means of quick and clear answers to their questions, providing dynamic and efficient results.

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Preparation of balance sheets, books and accountings registration in accordance with commercial and tax legislation. Special reports. Development of costs systems. Internal controls.

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Preparation of payroll. Documentation for hiring and dismissal of employee. Handling of all labor and social security routines. Calculation of social taxes.

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Tax records

Registration in the mandatory tax books of all the movements of debit and credit, calculation of taxes and contributions. Preparation of income tax and others necessary social and tax declarations.

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Wind-up of companies

Wind-up of all companies’ registrations before the applicable governmental authorities.

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Administrative, Financing and Tax Restructurings

Negotiation for bank, commercial, and tax debts reduction. Budget Control. Tax Planning, tax refund and compensation.

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Companies Evaluation

Companies Evaluation focusing on products, regions, branches, customers, advertisement, costs and inventory, presenting solutions to increase the company profitability.

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